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Safety Features

International Medical Lasers (IML) takes safety very seriously...

Cyber TmX

Many of the risks associated with other laser wavelengths are minimized or avoided with the Cyber TmX. Safety features include...

  • Clear surgical field free of blood, bubbles and debris.
  • Observable surgical effect – "what you see is what you get" – no unseen deep tissue effects occur.
  • Forward-firing laser fibers combined with high water absorption results in reduced chance of inadvertent tissue damage.

Clear Surgical Field: The consistent power delivery of the Cyber TmX's continuous wave mode creates even and clean vaporization or cutting effect which keeps the surgical field clear of bubbles, blood or debris that can impair the surgeon's vision.

No Unseen Effects: The 2-micron wavelength of the Cyber TmX is readily absorbed in water. Therefore the affect the surgeon sees is the only affect being created. Other wavelengths penetrate more deeply in tissue giving rise to the potential for unwanted affects such as edema and delayed healing.

Energy Delivered Where You Want It: The forward-firing fiber of the Cyber TmX provides added protection from inadvertent misdirected laser light. In addition, the high water absorption characteristics of the 2-micron wavelength avoids the possibility of laser light traveling through the aqueous surgical field to tissues not intended for treatment

True Colors with No Glare: Since clear safety lenses can be used with the Cyber TmX, there is no impairment of the surgeon's vision due to color distortion and the invisible infrared laser light produces no glare.

Litho Laser

  • Minimal damages of surrounding tissue due to its low penetration depth.
  • This wavelength is highly absorbed by water and biological tissues.