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  • Holmium Fibers

    High-quality silica/silica fiber with a wide range of application options.

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  • Litho Laser

    With the wide range of settings and green aiming beam the Litho Laser...

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  • Cyber Tm Laser

    The powerful Cyber Tm thulium laser is the most ideal prostate laser instrument available.

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International Medical Lasers (IML) provides you with the most technologically advanced surgical lasers available today including the CyberTm & Litho lasers. We also carry a wide selection of single or multi - use thulium and holmium laser fibers and accessories like goggles, strippers, scissors, laser covers and more. We can even customize some items with your facilities logo.

We offer our products to you at an affordable price and promise quick shipping that can help minimize any down time that could affect patient care or your facilities bottom line. Our customer service and ordering department understands your needs and we are here to help make your life easier. Make us your professional partner for all of your surgical laser related needs. Contact us today via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., telephone, or fax to order or request further information.

Some product highlights…

  • PRECISION: You will be able to see what you’re treating and observe the effect of your work in real time.
  • VERSATILITY: The ability to vaporize, resect or ablate tissue as needed.
  • AFFORDABILITY: Our flexible procurement options make it possible to add high-demand procedures profitably.
  • UNMATCHED SAFETY: By allowing the visualization of the treatment area and precise control over the delivery of the therapy, along with superior hemostasis, our lasers and fibers provide a high level of safety. With high water absorption, the results from our lasers reduce the chance of inadvertent tissue damage.